Your Final Choice


Hastening your death when terminally ill – eight questions to ask yourself

By: Kenneth Ralph
Publisher: Morning Star Publications
Dimensions: 148mm x 210mm

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Your Final Choice is not a how-to book, but a how-to-think-about book, on a controversial and emotional topic: hastening your death when terminally ill.

I have now read this book twice, each time at a single sitting! It provides an easily accessible framework for consideration of the issues around the end of life and language for expressing and justifying personal choices, whatever they may be. I wish all my patients had it and talked to their families about it.
– Dr Lindi Jeffree    Brisbane Neurosurgeon & Brain Cancer Specialist

This is a comprehensive review of choices to be considered when making decisions about ‘end-of-life’ matters before incompetence.  All sides of the many views, issues and difficulties are canvassed in a readable and non-judgemental manner. It is a critical guide to the making of hard yet necessary plans for a good and dignified death.
– Dr Ruth Webber   Sociologist and author

If, as is likely, physician assisted dying becomes legal, terminally ill patients will still have to make a choice to euthanase or not, based on their own preferences and circumstances. This book will help ensure the choice is informed. – Kenneth Davidson, DWDV Ambassador. Read the full review here:


Kenneth Ralph runs a private counselling practice in Geelong, Victoria. He trained in philosophy at Otago (New Zealand), religion at Princeton (USA) and psychotherapy in Melbourne (Australia). He has conducted a variety of human relations programs in schools, businesses, churches, prisons and community organisations. His previous book Yes I Get Depressed was a No 1 best-seller in Geelong. Married to social worker wife Alison, they have two sons and four grandchildren.

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Kenneth Ralph


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148mm x 210mm