When Heaven and Earth Embrace


How do we Engage Spiritually in an Emerging Universe?

by: Mary Tinney
Publish date: 2/10/2019
Pages: 154
Publisher:Morning Star Publishing
Dimensions: 148 x 210 mm
ISBN: 9780648453888

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We can engage spiritually in an emerging Universe if we have a vision of the embrace of Heaven and Earth that is informed by contemporary science, if we underpin that with an ecotheology that recognises Heaven and Earth as interconnected while respecting their differences, and if we have an ecospiritual praxis that is open, attentive to and aware of divine presence in all that is. This vision has the potential to drive action for justice for Earth at a time when there is ecological devastation in our evolving cosmos. When Heaven and Earth Embrace takes as its starting point the Earth Link project which has been on this journey since 2000. It provides a rare and much needed integration of ecospirituality and Christian ecotheology, such that action for justice for Earth can be motivated and sustained. The enhanced principles that form the bulk of the book are both inspirational and practical. In addition, there are study/discussion guides for individual and group use.
For those already inspired by the Journey of the Universe, this book is a necessary next step.

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(Sister) Mary Tinney is the instigator and current facilitator of a community network called Earth Link. She is a member of a Religious Congregation, the Sisters of Mercy, who support and endorse Earth Link. She has a background in secondary education especially Religious Education and has been in leadership roles in the Sisters of Mercy where her planning and facilitation skills were called upon. Having worked at the community level in the area of ecospirituality since 2000, Mary is well aware that there is a need for greater integration of cosmology, spirituality and emerging theological trends. To that end, she graduated in 2018 with a PhD in theology. That thesis has been revamped into this book to make the work accessible for a general readership.

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4 reviews for When Heaven and Earth Embrace

  1. Veronica Lawson RSM PhD, Eco-Feminist Biblical Scholar

    When Heaven and Earth Embrace documents the inspiring history of Earth Link and offers an invaluable and accessible resource for all who are committed to justice and compassion for the Earth Community. Thoroughly grounded as it is in Catholic-Christian eco-theology and eco-spirituality, it offers in addition a deep well of wisdom for dialogue with ecumenical, inter-faith and secular communities who share that commitment.

    – Veronica Lawson RSM PhD, Eco-Feminist Biblical Scholar, Author of The Blessing of Mercy: Biblical perspectives and ecological challenges

  2. Denis Edwards (Late), Professorial Fellow in Theology

    Mary Tinney has long been deeply involved in ecological practice and spirituality. In this new book she brings her experience in ecological spirituality into a synthesis with recent ecological theology, and offers us all a vision that can support ecological action. This is a practical and useful book that will be valuable for many searchers in the midst of the crisis of our planetary community.

    – Denis Edwards (Late), Professorial Fellow in Theology. He was a priest of the Archdiocese of Adelaide and his most recent research was in the areas of Christology, Pneumatology, Trinitarian theology, the dialogue between science and theology, and ecological theology.

  3. Elaine Wainwright, Professor Emerita of the University of Auckland

    The title of this book like its content is active and engaging, inviting readers into the embrace of Heaven and Earth and catching them up into spiritual engagement in an emerging universe. Its author, Mary Tinney, does this through a process she describes as “bringing the craft of practical theology to bear on ecospirituality” thereby providing a way for others to further what she has begun in an age of ecological conversion.

    – Elaine Wainwright, Professor Emerita of the University of Auckland. She is currently writing the Matthew volume in the Wisdom Commentary series, a feminist commentary on each biblical book, being published by Collegeville Liturgical Press and has recently published Habitat, Human and Holy: An Eco-Rhetorical Reading of the Gospel of Matthew in the Earth Bible Commentary Series.

  4. Shaun Davison from Tui Motu InterIslands Magazine

    I visited the snowy burial site of my theologian hero Thomas Berry in 2013. His ecotheological insights inspired the setting up of the group “Earth Link” in Australia, which aims to foster “respect, reverence and care for the whole Earth community”. Mary Tinney was a founding member of the group and this book is the fruit of her doctoral studies on the organisation and its five key principles.

    It is an important book for all who are concerned about planet Earth. It links love of God and care of Earth to our Catholic tradition, to the Scriptures and in contemporary writing like Laudato Si’. The book is carefully constructed and discussion of the five key principles is easily understandable. It is not a dry academic discourse. It provides a theological and spiritual foundation for social action of caring for Earth. Berry said the “great work” of our day is the journey from acting in a way that devastates our home Earth, to adopting ways that are mutually beneficial to us, all living beings and the whole Earth community. This book provides some useful signposts for that journey.

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