But what if she’d said ‘No’?


Backstories to the Bible

by: Catherine E. Laufer

Pages: 114
Publisher: Morning Star Publishing
Dimensions:129mm x 198mm
ISBN: 9780648376552

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But What If She’d Said ‘No’? – Backstories to the Bible contains fifteen stories, all but one of which relate to events described in the Bible.

They include creation, the plagues of Egypt, David and Goliath, Jonah, the Annunication, the feeding of the five thousand and the events of Holy Week and Easter. Each story is told from the perspective of someone who was either present during the event or who has heard of it from those who were. For example, the plagues of Egypt are seen through the eyes of a small Hebrew boy; two Roman centurions discuss the Easter events. The one story without a biblical basis is a response to Richard Dawkins and the ‘new atheists’.

The book aims to communicate Christian faith in a medium that is attractive to those who do not read formal theology or are hesitant about reading the Bible, both Christians and non-Christians.

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Catherine Laufer was born in Sydney, the older of two daughters of Hungarian Holocaust survivors. She was baptised as ‘protection’ as a baby and came to own Christian faith at an Anglican high school. Catherine studied psychology at the Australian National University in Canberra and worked with intellectually disabled and highly gifted children. She became a lecturer in psychology at Australian Catholic University and her vocation to priesthood grew out of the experience of deep grief following the death of her husband. Catherine is now a parish priest on the Sunshine Coast and a sessional lecturer in theology at St Francis College, Brisbane; a member college of Charles Sturt University.

2 reviews for But what if she’d said ‘No’?

  1. bishop Stephen Pickard, Executive Director, Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture, Canberra

    Anyone who enjoys discovering the story behind the story will love this delightful book of backstories to the Bible. The God of the backstory to our own lives is a story worth telling and Cathy Laufer has shown how to do it with simplicity and candour. A young persons’ book for all ages.

  2. The Most Revd Dr Phillip Aspinall, Archbishop of Brisbane

    Stories have the power to transform, but familiarity can blunt their impact. In this collection imagination and whimsy combine to prompt fresh puzzlement that demands probing and pondering, the first steps to who knows where.

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