Transformation in Christ


Paul’s Experience of the Divine Mystery

By:David A. Ackerman
Publisher:Wipf and Stock
Dimensions:152mm x 229mm

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Although Paul used language similar to the religions and cultures of his time, he had a unique understanding of the "mystery" of God. The once-hidden plan of God was revealed and fulfilled in the person of Jesus of Nazareth. Saul of Tarsus experienced a fundamental change when he encountered the risen Jesus on the road to Damascus. This vision gave him new direction and purpose and profoundly changed his understanding of God’s plan for humanity. Paul often uses the phrase "in Christ" or its variations to describe this plan. Being in Christ results in transformation into Christ’s likeness of holiness and love through the indwelling Holy Spirit. Those in Christ form a new community that crosses ethnic barriers, is bound together in fellowship with the Triune God, and fulfills its purpose of holiness before him. Paul’s answer to the struggles people face is simple: when one is united with Christ by dying to the old self and committing to his supremacy, one will find victory over any force opposed to us in this world. This book explores one of the most profound claims in the New Testament that demands a response of its readers.

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Dimensions 152 × 229 mm



152mm x 229mm


David A. Ackerman




Wipf and Stock