The Way of the Rabbi


Stories of Discipleship from the Gospel of Mark

by: Jim Schirmer

Publish date: 28/2/2019
Pages: 138
Publisher: Morning Star Publishing
Dimensions: 148 x 210 mm
ISBN: 9780648453734

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Each chapter starts off like an attractive tune being heard from a distance which slowly creeps up on you until finally you are enveloped by a song that captures your attention.

Refreshing in its approach, this surprising combination of biblical, historical and narrative reflections on rabbinical discipleship practices will leave you wanting to linger in the presence of Jesus, then journey with him into your world with renewed faith, hope and love.

Highly recommended. – Dean Eaton, Church Planter Mentor and Mission Facilitator, Lutheran Church of Australia, author of Sent: Seeking the Orphans of God

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About the author

Jim Schirmer is a counsellor, educator, church re-former and spiritual mentor based in Brisbane, Australia.

After eight years as a youth worker and Bible college lecturer, Jim left the traditional ministry to pursue a call to serve people at the margins of both church and society. In that time, he has worked as a counsellor for at-risk adolescents and for refugee survivors of trauma, while simultaneously exploring spirituality in house churches and missional communities.

2 reviews for The Way of the Rabbi

  1. Dr Peter Catt, Dean St Johns Anglican Cathedral, Brisbane

    In tune with the long-standing understanding that Jesus is a model to be emulated and that the life of faith is relational rather than ‘regulated’, in this engaging book Jim Schirmer invites the reader to explore how they might actively craft their life and ministry in response to Jesus.
    As I read it, I found myself reflecting on three questions: Who am I? What is my ministry? What could make it better?

  2. From the 2016 Young Australian Christian Writer’s Awards

    ..a thorough and integrated exploration of what it means to follow Jesus.. ..carefully considers both our own context and the milieu in which Jesus chose and discipled his first followers. The reader is.. challenged to consider the consequences of our personal and public life.

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