The Use of the Bible in Theology/Evangelical Options


By:Robert K. Johnston
Publisher:Wipf and Stock
Dimensions:143mm x 197mm

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A stimulating dialogue among evangelicals that clarifies how major evangelical theologians currently conceive the practice of theology with regard to the Bible.


-Robert K. Johnston, editor
-Donald Bloesch
-Donald Dayton
-William A. Dyrness
-Gabriel Fackre
-James I. Packer
-Clark H. Pinnock
-Russell P. Spittler
-Robert Webber
-David F. Wells
-John Yoder

A summary of the positions:

I. Johnston (Free Church): Introduction: Unity and Diversity in Evangelical Theology – introduces the theme, defines evangelicalism and evangelical theology

II. Pinnock (Baptist): How I Use the Bible in Doing Theology – hermeneutical theology; only what is revelation (only Scripture) can be made a matter of theological truth

III. Packer (Anglican): In Quest of Canonical Interpretation – texts must be understood in their human context

IV. Spittler (Pentecostal): Scripture and the Theological Enterprise: View from a Big Canoe – exegetical theology

V. Bloesch (Reformed): A Christological Hermeneutic: Crisis and Conflict in Hermeneutics – goes beyond the literal sense of the text to its larger significance

VI. Yoder (Mennonite): The Use of the Bible in Theology – theology as an activity meant to correct and renew the church

VII. Dayton (Wesleyan): The Use of Scripture in the Wesleyan Tradition – theology rooted in a recovery of Wesleyan truth

VIII. Webber (Anglican): An Evangelical and Catholic Methodology – theology is an activity from out of the church’s tradition; must study the church father’s dogmatic development

IX. Dyrness (Reformed): How Does the Bible Function in the Christian Life? – Scripture as a two-directional contextual hermeneutic

X. Wells (Congregational): The Nature and Function of Theology – decoding/encoding; the significance of the ‘sola scriptura’ principle

XI. Fackre (Congregational): The Use of Scripture in My Work in Systematics – full-orbed approach; world, church, Scripture, and the Gospel core all have their function

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Dimensions 197 × 143 mm



Robert K. Johnston


Wipf and Stock


143mm x 197mm