The One Coming


Old Testament Prophecies about the Coming of Jesus Christ and their Fulfilment in the New Testament

By: Daniel Avenell and Phillip Brown

Pages: 72
Publisher: Morning Star Publishing
Dimensions: 129mm x 198mm
ISBN: 9780648164241
blish date: 12/10/2017

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This book was written as a devotional resource leading up to Christmas. It aligns not only with the season of Advent, but with Advent’s great expectation of hope in a coming Messiah. Such hope is grounded in the Psalms and in the Law and the Prophets. It is from there that the Old Testament saints looked forward to the coming of Christ the King. And it is to there that the New Testament saints looked back to confirm and understand just what happened in Bethlehem, and ultimately at the cross on Calvary.

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About the author

Phillip Brown is the current vicar of All Saints Anglican Church in Moree. He is married and has three boys and enjoys spending time with them. Phillip has a deep passion and love of God’s words revealed in the Bible and is committed to sharing that with people.

Daniel Avenell worked with Phillip for a brief period. In that time they compiled this collection of devotions amongst pastoral ministry. Daniel now resides in Brisbane with his wife. Daniel has five adult children and loves nothing more than teaching God’s word to people.

2 reviews for The One Coming

  1. Reverend Dr Gary Millar, Principal, Queensland Theological College, Brisbane

    This is a marvellous little book. Phillip and Daniel write clearly, helpfully, warmly and above all faithfully as they set out the beauty, power and significance of the Lord Jesus. If you want to know what Christmas is all about – or simply to keep Christ at the heart of Christmas then this book is for you.

  2. Reverend Dr Wei-Han Kuan, State Director CMS Victoria

    Christians are followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.  They have also long been known as people of the Book. This delightful little Study guide illuminates the solid connections between various parts of the Bible otherwise separated by thousands of years. It focuses on Jesus and how his life and ministry, death and resurrection, and promised return make sense of everything. Read and savour this book as it directs you to Jesus Christ. 

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