The Lion, the Bear and the Mulberry Tree


And other stories

by : Rolph Mayer
Illustrations by Emily Bensted

Pages : 86
Publisher : Morning Star Publishing
Dimensions : 152mm x 229mm
IBSN : 9780994264527

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In these enchanting stories bears, lions, wallabies, cranes, eagles, wombats, caterpillars and many others come to life to illustrate key biblical teachings, such as resurrection, forgiveness, self-sacrifice and humility. After many years of urging by former students, parents and now-grown children who remember these stories, much-loved teacher and educator Rolph Mayer has produced this collection so that the stories might continue to be told and enjoyed.  While the stories are for children, they are designed to be read to children by parents, teachers, pastors or older siblings. The Lion, the Bear and the Mulberry Tree also includes notes for storytellers that explain some of the imagery and biblical texts that lie behind the stories themselves and which will help the storyteller to discuss the stories with children. The stories have all been delightfully illustrated by young Adelaide artist Emily Bensted.  The many drawings of Grumpy Wombat, Sad Donkey, Lion, Mouse, and Wallaby will help young readers and listeners imagine these delightful characters.

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Dimensions 148 × 210 mm



Rolph Mayer


Morning Star Publishing


152mm x 229mm



About the author

Rolph Mayer served as a leading teacher and educator for four decades, as lecturer and later as principal of Lutheran Teachers College in Adelaide, South Australia. Alongside his academic interests, Rolph has long been a keen storyteller. Rolph’s storytelling career began some sixty-five years ago with his first teaching assignment at Murray Bridge Primary School, where he discovered that creating and telling stories was one of the most effective ways to teach children. Since that time Rolph has been creating and telling stories to students, to children’s groups at his church and to his own children, creating many unique characters along the way. Emily Bensted is a student at Muirden Senior College in Adelaide and works part time as a freelance artist.


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