The Least of These


The Graham Staines Story

by: Andrew E. Matthews
Foreword by Krish Dhanam

Publish date: 19/8/2019
Pages: 112
Publisher: Morning Star Publishing
Dimensions: 140 x 216 mm
ISBN: 9780648453819

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The social fabric of life in 1990s rural India is disintegrating. Christian missionaries are getting the blame and being accused of illegal conversion activities. When Manav Banerjee, a journalist, agrees to investigate the world of Australian missionary, Graham Staines, he enters a world of outcasts – the world of lepers. While avoiding all possible contact with these untouchables, Manav uncovers truths that he had not anticipated and his words spark actions that he had not intended. The subsequent repercussions lead him to a place where hard choices must be made.

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About the author

Andrew E. Matthews is a husband, father, teacher, writer, actor, filmmaker, coffee drinker and Christ follower. Andrew is excited to see the fruition of many years work on this passion project as The Least of These comes to print and screen. Andrew’s writing draws on many life experiences including growing up on a cattle farm in South Africa, boarding school, international travel, working in theatre and film for many years, moving to Australia and teaching teenagers. Andrew’s passion is to tell stories that matter.


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