The Grief Kaleidoscope – Hardback


Metaphors for Grief

By:Su-Rose McIntyre
Pages: 96
Publisher:Morning Star Publishing
ISBN: 9780648232308
Dimensions:129mm x 198mm

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The Grief Kaleidoscope is a unique and moving reflection on the journey through grief.

With thought-provoking insights and gentle suggestions, grief counsellor Su-Rose McIntyre draws upon her own experience of the loss of her son, as well as her professional training, as she explores the deep landscape that is the grieving process. She does this creatively and sensitively through story, poem, and image.

The individual reflections are each followed by a practical task and a ‘gentle tip’, and are designed to be read and reflected on until the reader is ready to move on to the next section. The Grief Kaleidoscope will be a source of comfort and strength to anyone who has lost someone close to them.

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Dimensions 198 × 129 mm





Paperback, Hardback


About the author

Su-Rose McIntyre is a writer, teacher, and counsellor.  Her writings touch upon the multi-faceted nature of grief, with strong references to nature. A bereaved mother herself, Su-Rose explores grief through her works. She lives in a bayside town on the edge of Melbourne.