Something in the Blood


Vampire Tales with a Christian Bite

Edited by: Mark Worthing
Pages : 142
Publisher : Morning Star Publishing
Dimensions : 148mm x 210mm
IBSN : 9781925208825

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Something in the Blood is a collection of vampire stories with a difference. Ever wondered what would happen if a group of Christian writers were each asked to write a vampire story?  That’s exactly what occurred in the case of the contributors to this volume.  Given the fascination seen in many novels and films with vampires, and the usual darkness of these stories, one group of Christian authors decided to engage the genre rather than ignore or reject it.  The result is a diverse, entertaining and challenging collection of stories that seeks to answer the question: Is there a place for hope in the midst of darkness and despair?  While each writer takes a very different approach to the challenge, they have all found a way to answer that question with a resounding ‘yes’.  Yet the manner in which they arrive at this answer, as well as what happens along the way, is often surprising. Rev Dr Lynn Arnold, coordinator of the Faith in the Public Square program in Adelaide, has noted that, “In this collection premised on the gothic vampire motif, the writers have delved into the darkness and found profundus, bringing back mirrors into which we are invited to look. From these mirrored depths, haunting and daunting as the images may be, we discern distant shafts of redeeming light.”

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Dimensions 148 × 210 mm



Edited by Mark Worthing


Morning Star Publishing


148mm x 210mm




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