Report of Rosendo Salvado to Propaganda Fide in 1883



Translated and edited by: Stefano Girola
Introduction by Emeritus Professor John Molony

Pages : 312
Publisher : Morning Star Publishing
Dimensions : 148mm x 210mm
IBSN : 9781925208986

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Bishop Rosendo Salvado’s 1883 Report to Propaganda Fide provides a detailed account of the Benedictine mission among the Noongar people of Western Australia, illustrated by the origins, development and condition of New Norcia from 1844 to 1883. A primary source for those interested in the history of the Benedictine mission of New Norcia, or with an interest in Colonial Australia and the history of multi-cultural contact between Indigenous Australians and Europeans, it is also a fascinating, first-hand account of the scandals that were being played out in the Perth Catholic diocese between 1847 and 1883, recording not only the missionary achievements, but also the setbacks and failures caused by the harsh climate, diseases, ecclesiastical politics and greed. Throughout the pages of this book, we discover the adult life of Bishop Rosendo Salvado (1814-1900), one of the most fascinating figures in the history of Colonial Australia and a missionary characterised by an extraordinary blend of idealism and pragmatism.

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Dimensions 148 × 210 mm



Stefano Girola


Morning Star Publishing


148mm x 210mm



About the contributors

Stefano Girola˙ was born in Milan and now lives in Brisbane where he was awarded a PhD in Studies in Religion from the University of Queensland for his thesis on The policies and attitudes of the Catholic Church with regard to Australia’s Indigenous peoples, 1885-1967. He has published widely in this area of research and in the history of Italian migration to Australia. Stefano is an Honorary Fellow at the ACU School of Theology (Brisbane) and teaches History at the University of Southern Queensland (Springfield). In 2012 he was awarded the annual Abbot Placid Spearritt Memorial Scholarship.

Emeritus Professor John Neylon Molony was Head of the History Department at the Australian National University. He is the author of fourteen books. He continues to write in retirement and has just completed a study of James Cook’s voyage to Eastern Australia on HMS Endeavour.


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