Process Theology as Political Theology


By:John B., Jr. Cobb
Publisher:Wipf and Stock
Dimensions:140mm x 216mm

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The movement of process theology is brought into creative interaction with political theology in this exciting new work by distinguished author John B. Cobb Jr. Confronted with the critical problems facing the global environment, the author seeks to overcome the abstractness that has kept process thought from achieving practical influence.

Cobb reviews contemporary political theology in the works of major European theologians, Johann Baptist Metz, Jurgen Moltmann, and Dorothee Solle, then surveys the movement in recent German theology. He examines the challenge of political theology in the tradition of the Chicago school and advocates broadening the horizons of political theology into the formulation of an ecological, rather than a sociological, theology.

Process Theology as Political Theology responds to the challenge of providing a theological base for the Christian activist. Pastors, seminarians, and students will find it to be a stimulating evolutionary work, derived from the author’s concern for the planet earth.

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Dimensions 140 × 216 mm



140mm x 216mm


John B., Jr. Cobb




Wipf and Stock