Pattern Evidence



By:Michael D. Riley
Publisher:Resource Publications
Dimensions:152mm x 229mm

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In Pattern Evidence, his final collection, Michael D. Riley sifts through the evidence of ordinary life in search of the patterns that lend shape and meaning to our days. Like a forensic scientist in search of the telling clue, the poet scrutinizes his loves and his losses, and like a trial attorney in pursuit of the truth, he interrogates and cross-examines participants in his own past and in the drama of human existence. Set largely in the suburban world outside Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Riley’s pages are filled with friends and neighbors, lovers and grandmothers, pines and pin oaks, lawn mowers and snow blowers, all of which body forth the mystery of daily-ness. This book documents Riley’s evolution as an artist, offering poems that span his career from early to late, demonstrating the poet’s characteristically broad range of interests and, simultaneously, his constant return to those things that matter most, namely, family, faith, and his devotion to his art. Pattern Evidence constitutes the summation of a lifetime of close and careful observation, and showcases Riley’s gifts as a poet: his keen eye, his sharp wit, his capacious mind, his practiced hand, and his large heart. This book is a final farewell to and a celebration of a life well-lived and well-loved.

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Dimensions 152 × 229 mm



152mm x 229mm


Michael D. Riley




Resource Publications