Out of the Wilderness


A History of Sitka, Michigan

by: Susan Zerlaut King

Publish date: 26/3/2018
Pages: 190
Publisher: Morning Star Publishing
Dimensions: 148mm x 210mm
ISBN: 9780648232407

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Out of the Wilderness is the story of a Michigan farming town so small it does not appear on most maps.

Driving through the crossroads with its lonely stone church and wooden hall you would think, ‘Nothing much has ever happened here.’ In that, you would be mistaken. Not only is the story of this small, tenacious community filled with unexpected drama, but there is the sense that one is reading a cultural, social and political history of the United States in microcosm.

From Indian tribes to French explorers and fur traders, loggers and settlers, the dramatic impact of the Civil War, the First and Second World Wars, the Great Depression, and the changing landscape of rural America, the story of Sitka has it all.

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About the author

Susan Zerlaut King grew up in the rural community of Sitka, Michigan on the family dairy and fruit farm.  She graduated from Fremont High School in 1964, received a B.A. from Central Michigan University, and an M.A. from Oakland University.  She worked as a teacher for the Waterford School District for over thirty years.  She is also the author of Letters Home, an anecdotal record of experiences by WWI veterans of Newaygo County.

1 review for Out of the Wilderness

  1. Tom Porritt, Editor, Twig Talk, Muskegon County Genealogical Society

    Well-organized, gripping and personal tales of the hardships, joys and heroism of pioneer America. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in tracing local history or genealogy. The author has been intricately connected to the area through her ancestors and has given the story a feeling of being there and watching it all happen.

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