On the Third Day


Re-looking at the Resurrection

By: John Queripel
Pages: 136
Publisher: Morning Star Publishing
Dimensions:148mm x 210mm

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The Easter story culminating in the resurrection of Jesus stands at the heart of Christian faith and celebration. But in the modern world is the story still believable? And does it still have transformative power for modern living? The scriptures contain a mix of attitudes to life after death, and the resurrection stories themselves contain a mysterious mix of the physical and mystical. John Queripel argues that we can no longer hold to a literal understanding of these accounts, but neither can we see the resurrection as merely delusion and wish-fulfilment.

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Dimensions 210 × 148 mm



John Queripel


Morning Star Publishing


148mm x 210mm



About the author

John Queripel is a Uniting Church minister who has a concern for speaking and living faith in the modern context and has ministered in a wide range of contexts: urban and rural congregations, community based ministries, university and correctional centre chaplaincies. He has a strong interest in the arts and literature, being a published author and playwright, a recorded singer-songwriter and a dabbler in the visual arts. In his spare time he enjoys riding his malibu surfboard.