Narnia, Middle-Earth and the Kingdom of God


A History of Fantasy literature and the Christian Tradition

by: Mark Worthing

154 pages
148mm x 210mm

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Narnia, Middle-Earth and the Kingdom of God tells the story of fantasy literature within the context of its complex relationship with the Christian tradition.

In this book, Worthing looks at early influences on the genre, including European fairy tales and folklore, Northern and classical mythology, and Christian allegory. He also explores the contours of a variety of fantasy worlds from MacDonald’s Faerie, Lewis’ Narnia and Tolkien’s Middle-Earth, to LeGuin’s Earthsea, Pratchett’s Discworld and Rowling’s world of Hogwarts.In these worlds, and many more, we discover themes such as the battle between good and evil, the question of the existence of God, and the problem of suffering.

Fantasy fans of all religious persuasions will find in this book a delightful and informative exploration of the rich history and profound themes of the fantasy genre.

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Dimensions 148 x 210 mm



Mark Worthing


Stone Table Books


148mm x 210mm




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About the author

Mark Worthing is an author, and pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church, North Adelaide, Australia. He is former head of the Faculty of Humanities and Creative Writing at Tabor Adelaide. His most recent works include Graeme Clark. The Man Who Invented the Bionic Ear (Allen & Unwin, 2015) and Phantastes: George MacDonald’s Classic Novel (Stone Table Books, 2016).


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