Nails from Bullets


A Soldier’s Story of Redemption

By:Glenn Goree
Publisher:Resource Publications
Dimensions:140mm x 216mm

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What happens to a soldier’s soul when he dies? Does he pay for his sins, or will God forgive him and offer eternity in heaven? The fog of war confuses the boundaries between what mortals think of as the good guys and the bad guys.

Just assume for a moment that God’s angels and Satan’s demons battle over mortal souls. Satan would have to train his army of evil warriors to excel in this business. How does he set up his boot camp? What methods does he encourage his dark knights to use against humans?

Enter the worlds of heaven and hell to see how both God and Satan seek the souls of mankind’s armies. What you will find is God’s love and Satan’s hate is the same for both soldier and civilian. Don’t stop reading this book once you enter the realms of heaven and hell. Your eternity’s destination could be in the balance!

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Dimensions 216 × 140 mm



Glenn Goree


Resource Publications


140mm x 216mm