Midwifing–A Womanist Approach to Pastoral Counseling


Investigating the Fractured Self, Slavery, Violence, and the Black Woman

By:Myrna Thurmond-Malone
Publisher:Pickwick Publications
Dimensions:152mm x 229mm

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Midwifing–A Womanist Approach to Pastoral Counseling: Investigating the Fractured Self, Slavery, Violence, and the Black Woman, is an investigation of intergenerational trauma. Exploring the impact of slavery, violence, racism, sexism, classism, and other isms on the self of the Black woman. This examination of the complexity of pain speaks to the multidimensional reality of some Black women and the necessity for a therapeutic technique that invites the fullness of the Black woman’s historical narrative. Dr. Thurmond-Malone’s work exposes hidden pain in a safe and sacred space that speaks to the deep-rooted anguish experienced through generations of Black women and invites her readers to understand the necessity for a rebirthing to occur. This work also empowers women of African descent to become unarmored through the naming, claiming, and reauthoring of their story, and empowers therapists to become midwives adept at empathizing with the intense pain carried by some Black women. Lastly, the book provides clinicians with insight into how to become midwives capable of holding the accounts of Black women while illustrating the author’s approach as a method of interdependence, communal, and cultural competency. Taking an analytical look at the counselee’s past then births hope for their future as a whole and transformative self.

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Dimensions 152 × 229 mm



152mm x 229mm


Myrna Thurmond-Malone




Pickwick Publications