Here am I; Send me!


Rediscovering the Gospel

by: Ian Miller

Publish date: 15/2/2018
Pages: 146
Publisher: Morning Star Publishing
Dimensions: 129mm x 198mm
ISBN: 9780648232360

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Here am I; Send me! provides a touchstone for contemporary and relevant evangelism.

Set within a devotional framework, Ian Miller shows clearly and powerfully how the message of salvation can be presented in everyday circumstances.

For evangelists and non-evangelists alike, this book provides a resource that will change the spiritual climate of all who put it into practice.

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About the author

Ian Miller is the senior pastor of Community Church, Hornsby. He is also on the National Executive of CRC Churches International (Australia). With a background in Science, Education and Theology, Ian travels extensively, assisting churches to engage more fully with the ministry of the Holy Spirit. He has a passion for the Gospel and to see churches awaken to their full potential in bringing revival to their communities.

2 reviews for Here am I; Send me!

  1. Ben Fitzgerald, Senior Leader, Awakening Europe and Awakening Australia

    Welcome to a book that could change your whole outlook on God, eternity and the way you see every person in your life. This is a deep, heartfelt journey into how God began to burn in Ian’s heart for people who do not know Jesus. Here am I; Send me! is full of creative examples of what the good news is, how it affects everyday life and at the same time challenges you to align your own heart to God’s eternal view of reality. Enjoy the read. You are going to be burning as you do.

  2. Dr Barry Chant, Author and teacher, Founder of Tabor College Australia

    This short book about the Gospel is not just a theological reflection: it is a practical encouragement to everyone to get on with the job of bringing good news to the world. Ian’s passion for evangelism comes through from the very first words.

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