Ex Auditu – Volume 32: Science and Religion


An International Journal of Theological Interpretation of Scripture

By:Klyne Snodgrass
Publisher:Pickwick Publications
Dimensions:178mm x 254mm

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Klyne Snodgrass

On Bringing Home the Bacons: Reflections on Science, Faith, and Scripture
Iain Provan

Response to Provan
John Walton

Paul and the Person: Perspectives from Philosophy and the Cognitive Sciences
Susan Grove Eastman

Response to Eastman
A. Andrew Das

Evolutionary Psychology and Romans 5-7: The “Slavery to Sin” in Human Nature
Paul Allen

Response to Allen
Christopher Lilley

Multiverse: Philosophical and Theological Perspectives
Gerald B. Cleaver

Made as Mirrors: Biblical and Neuroscientific Reflections on Imaging God
Joshua M. Moritz

Response to Moritz
Tyler Johnson

Forming Identities in Grace: Imitatio and Habitus as Contemporary Categories for the Sciences of Mindfulness and Virtue
Michael Spezio

Knowing in Part: The Demands of Scientific and Religious Knowledge in Everyday Decisions, or “She Blinded Me With Science!” and Deciding Whether to Wear Checks with Stripes
Johnny Wei-Bing Lin

Response to Lin
Linda M. Eastwood

“A Rock of Offense”: The Problem of Scripture in Science and Theology
Hans Madueme

Response to Madueme
Matthew Maas

Annotated Bibliography on Science and Religion

Presenters and Respondents

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Dimensions 254 × 178 mm



Klyne Snodgrass


Pickwick Publications


178mm x 254mm