Evangelical Theology in Transition


Theologians in Dialogue with Donald Bloesch

By:Elmer M. Colyer
Publisher:Wipf and Stock
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Donald G. Bloesch has been praised as “one of the English world’s foremost evangelical theologians.” and his systematic theology (Christian Foundations) called the “evangelical summa of the twentieth century.” His constructive theology emphasizes basing Christian life and thought on revelation while avoiding rationalism. Profoundly biblically grounded, it creatively draws on Calvin and Luther, neo-orthodox thinkers such as Barth and Brunner, pietism, and modern evangelicals such as P. T. Forsyth and James Denney.

Bloesch’s work is sure to influence theology well into the twenty-first century. This volume begins in earnest the assessment of Bloesch’s labors. Covering many of the basic loci of systematic theology, and with essays by several leading theologians of the day, plus a response by Professor Bloesch), Evangelical Theology in Transition itself constitutes a superb demonstration of evangelicalism come of age, and at its finest.

Essayists and topics include
Elmer M. Colyer on Blosch’s life and work
Roger E. Olsen on Bloesch within Evangelicalism
Stanley J. Grenz on theological method
Avery Dulles on revelation
Millard J. Erickson on the doctrine of Scripture
Gabriel Fackre on Christology
Clark H. Pinnock on the doctrine of the Holy Spirit
Thomas F. Torrance on the doctrine of God
John Weborg and Elmer M. Colyer on the Christian life
James R. Rohrer on Bloesch as a social prophet
Donald G. Bloesch in response

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