Encounters between Jesus and Women


Models of discipleship

by : Margaret Ghosn
Pages : 212
Publisher : Morning Star Publishing
Dimensions : 148mm x 210mm
IBSN : 9780987619341

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Encounters between Jesus and Women offers both biblical study and reflective input into each woman that Jesus encountered in the Gospel tradition. Beginning with Mary of Nazareth, the book provides a chapter by chapter insight into each of the women in the Gospel and what the account says about God’s relationship with women, women’s choices, their expression of faith and their interpretation of discipleship. Each chapter ends with a prayer, capturing the essence of the relationship between Jesus and women. The book is easy to read, written with a wide readership in mind. It invites people today to re-read the Gospel passages with a view to deepen their understanding of the role of women within Christian circles. The encounters of these women with Jesus challenges us to reconsider the current role of women in the Church, the possibility of new ministries for women, the need for ecumenical and interfaith dialogue, the importance of hospitality and pastoral care.

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Dimensions 148 × 210 mm



Margaret Ghosn


Morning Star Publishing


148mm x 210mm



About the author

Margaret Ghosn is a Maronite Sister of the Holy Family, with a Master of Theology, Master of Education, Bachelor of Theology, Bachelor of Science (Hons) and Doctor of Ministry. She is an Adjunct Lecturer for the School of Theology in the Faculty of Arts at UTC, Charles Sturt University and holds an Honorary Fellowship at the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy – ACU Campus Strathfield. Margaret is currently Principal at the Maronite College of the Holy Family.


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