Don’t Look Away!


Snapshots of Congo and the Pygmies of Mubambiro

by: Barbara Rose Ferguson

Publish date: 6/11/2019
Pages: 172
Publisher: Morning Star Publishing
Dimensions: 148 x 210 mm
ISBN: 9780648453895

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Don’t Look Away! Snapshots of Congo and the Pygmies of Mubambiro is the story of Australian Barbara Rose Ferguson’s unique experiences in the remote and war-torn African nation, the Democratic Republic of Congo. Over a period of ten years she formed precious relationships with women who had survived unimaginable brutality and found a new passion in life in working for a band of destitute and despised Pygmies. This is an authentic, ‘warts and all’ account from someone who has spent a lifetime working, researching and teaching in the field of international aid on the frontline in two war-torn countries, and eight years in one of the most troubled parts of the world involved with arguably the most disadvantaged people in the world: Pygmies.

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About the author

Barbara Rose Ferguson was eight years old when she promised to serve God in Africa. She trained as a schoolteacher and later earned her Licentiate in Theology from the Australian College of Theology. Barbara answered a call for teachers to go to work with children in war-ravaged South Vietnam. With the fall of Saigon, she flew to the USA where she completed a master’s degree and a PhD. Returning to Australia in 1986, Barbara worked for 17 years at the University of New South Wales. In her ‘retirement’, Barbara recalled her childhood promise and has made 11 visits to Congo, working as a volunteer in the HEAL Africa Hospital. Her chief concern is for the destitute Pygmies forced from their traditional forest homes by war. Barbara founded and funded the NGO, Pygmy Child Care, which provides a daily meal, health care and educational activities for children in the village of Mubambiro. Barbara was awarded a Medal in the Order of Australia in 2004.

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2 reviews for Don’t Look Away!

  1. Dr Keith Suter, Managing Director:

    Dr Barbara Ferguson is an Australian humanitarian ambassador. She served with distinction in Vietnam for an international charity, and over four decades later she is now working in Congo. You are never too old to do good. Don’t Look Away! is the inspiring story of a brave woman working voluntarily in horrendous circumstances. In this selfish era of ‘greed is good’ and ‘look out for number one’, this book is a reminder that there are still some big-hearted Australians risking their lives for worthy causes.

  2. Dr Michael Nest, Congo specialist and award-winning author of three books on Central Africa.

    With humour and humility, Barbara Ferguson shows what people can achieve when led by their conscience. Don’t Look Away! transports us to the heart of humanitarian action and the complications of working in a war zone.  Inspirational for those who want to make a difference.

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