Do You Love Me?


and other big questions Jesus asked

by: Graham Hooper

Publish date:  21/10/2020
Pages: 102
Publisher: Morning Star Publishing
Dimensions: 129 x 198mm
ISBN: 9780647530733

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This book confronts us with 15 of Jesus’ penetrating questions. Each chapter deals with one question in its context and seeks to understand why Jesus asked that particular question. As we face these questions in our life situation today, we will discover for ourselves why the gospel of Jesus Christ is good news and life-changing. We will also find answers to some of our own big questions in the process.

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About the author

Graham Hooper speaks and writes regularly on relating Christian faith to daily work and has authored several books ( including ‘Undivided- closing the faith life gap’ (IVP 2013); ‘A Better way to Live- 52 studies in Proverbs and Psalms’ (Acorn Press, 2016) and ‘Songs from the Heart’ (Tenofthose, 2018), a three volume set of daily devotional readings in the psalms. He contributes regularly to the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity (LICC) in UK and to City Bible Forum and Malyon ‘Transforming Work’ initiatives in Australia.


3 reviews for Do You Love Me?

  1. Sam Chan National Communicator for City Bible Forum, Sydney, Australia

    Jesus remains one of the most overwhelming and yet
    underexplored people in the history of our planet. Our
    calendar dates are based on him. People still name
    their children after him. Thousands of people every
    year decide to love, trust, and worship him. What are
    they seeing in Jesus that we’re not? There are so many
    unanswered questions.
    Graham Hooper’s ‘Do you love me? and other big
    questions Jesus asked’ allows us to get a handle on
    Jesus. But Hooper flips the script. He lets Jesus ask us
    the ‘Big Questions’. These questions will help us discover
    our true selves and the true Jesus of history. I hope you
    enjoy the journey.

  2. David Jackman – Past President of the Proclamation Trust, London UK.

    I warmly commend this rich little book to you, whether you are believing, doubting, sceptical or even dismissive. This book can set you on a life-changing trajectory as you form your own responses to the big questions Jesus asked.

  3. Karl Faase – CEO Olive Tree Media

    I believe reading Grahams Hooper’s book will help shift your views on what is important and will create a hunger to explore Jesus more.

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