Divorce and Remarriage


The Bible’s Law and Grace Approach

by : B. Ward Powers

Pages : 144
Publisher : Morning Star Publishing
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IBSN : 9781925208122

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The Bible’s “Law and Grace” approach is summed up in the one short saying (1 Corinthians 7:27-28, CEB.): “If you are married, don’t get a divorce. If you are divorced, don’t try to find a spouse. But if you do marry, you have not sinned.” This book provides a careful and detailed presentation of these aspects of the Bible’s teaching, and its application in the lives of Christians in the twenty-first century. Divorce is completely contrary to the will and purpose of God, which is: “One man, one woman, for life”. “For I hate divorce, says the Lord” (Mal 2:16). But Jesus focuses our attention on the real problem: sin disrupting, damaging and ultimately destroying the marriage relationship. “Do not let this happen,” Jesus warns us. He says, “They are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore humans shouldn’t pull apart what God has put together” (Matt 19:6//Mark 10:8-9, CEB). And to allow (or to cause) the marriage relationship to be sundered is a serious sin. But the grace of Christ can forgive sin, and restore the sinner. And in certain circumstances, as set out by Paul, the Apostle says to those who have been divorced, “they must marry”.

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B. Ward Powers


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About the author

Ward Powers is an Anglican clergyman of the Diocese of Sydney, Australia. He lectured at Moore Theological College, Sydney, and Sydney Missionary and Bible College. For the past sixteen years, he has been Director and also Dean of New Testament and Ethics at Tyndale College, Sydney. His doctoral research topic was “The Teaching of the Bible in the Areas of Marriage, Sex, Divorce, and Remarriage,” for which he was awarded the Ph.D. of the University of London.


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