Disturbing Much, Disturbing Many


Theology Provoked by the Basis of Union

By: Geoff Thompson
Publisher:Uniting Academic Press
Dimensions: 148mm x 210mm

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The first report of the Joint Commission on Church Union that led to the formation of the Uniting Church in Australia warned:  “If we go forward into a union on the basis of a fresh confession of the faith of the Church, we shall disturb much and disturb many”. This book assumes that the posture of ‘disturbance’ runs through the Basis of Union, exploring its theological background – particularly its emphasis on core Christological claims – as well as bringing several of the Basis’ key claims into conversation with some of the UCA’s current theological debates.

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Dimensions 148 × 210 mm



Geoff Thompson


Uniting Academic Press


148mm x 210mm



About the author

Rev Dr Geoff Thompson is Co-ordinator of Studies in Systematic Theology at Pilgrim Theological College at the Centre for Theology and Ministry in the Victoria/Tasmania Synod of the UCA and Senior Lecturer within the University of Divinity. Previously, he served as a congregational minister in inner-suburban Melbourne before appointments as lecturer and principal at Trinity Theological College in the Queensland Synod. He blogs at xenizonta.blogspot.com.au

Audio files

To acknowledge the 40th anniversary of the Uniting Church in Australia (June 22nd) the author has produced audio files of the six sections of the final chapter, entitled “No longer an addendum”: ecclesiological fragments provoked by the Basis”. After an introduction there five further sections which are headed as per the list below. As June proceeds, each of these headings will be linked to its respective audio file.

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