Come and See


A 30-day Devotional of John 1

By:Damaris U. Avila
Publisher:Resource Publications
Dimensions:140mm x 216mm

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Come and See is an invitation to discover the truth about Jesus while discovering the truth about yourself. As you explore the first chapter of John, you will see how the disciples were called one by one to come and see Jesus. You will discover life’s true purpose and where you fit in the pages of this story.

Each day begins with a very personal and raw testimony where life’s struggles and joys meet the words of John. You will feel connected and restored by refreshing and vulnerable storytelling. Damaris invites you into her faith story as you are drawn into the heart of the Bible and the words of the apostle John–words of truth and love.

Damaris opens up about identity, love, addiction, anger, and fear, and the very real and powerful transformation that occurs when it meets God’s love and redeeming power through his relentless pursuit of us.

You have a unique opportunity to read the Bible like never before; you will walk away with a new outlook on life and perception of yourself. Be curious enough to dive into this thirty-day journey.

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Dimensions 140 × 216 mm



140mm x 216mm


Damaris U. Avila




Resource Publications