Beyond the Fish Sticker


Seeking a Deeper Knowledge of God and Ourselves

by: Benjamin Swift

Publish date: 16/09/2019
Pages: 90
Publisher: Morning Star Publishing
Dimensions: 129 mm x 198 mm
ISBN: 9780648453871

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There is a growing need that exists in many Christian circles for a deeper, more mature understanding of what it means to be a Christian; one who truly seeks to follow Christ. Beyond the Fish Sticker is a series of musings that aim to encourage readers to think deeply about the big and often difficult questions that arise throughout our lives. It uses these questions to take the reader on a journey throughout which alternative worldviews are uncovered and contrasted with Christian truth. Readers are challenged to consider what it means to see life in light of Christ and how to live accordingly.

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About the author

Benjamin Swift was raised the son of an Anglican minister in Victoria, Australia. He completed a degree in Biological Sciences at La Trobe University, majoring in Botany and Zoology. He later completed post graduate studies in Education at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and Teacher Librarianship at the Queensland University of Technology. Benjamin has extensive experience in the field of Education including teaching as an accredited Christian Studies teacher with Lutheran Education Australia.

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Radio Interview April 8 2020 Vision Radio

Book Review from Peter Barnes and AP -National Journal of the Presbyterian Church

4 reviews for Beyond the Fish Sticker

  1. Matt Viney, Pastor at Wavell Heights Presbyterian.

    In a world of slogans and ‘fake news’, we need Christians who are willing to speak with clarity and honesty in a way that helps us move beyond superficiality. This is what Ben does. His writing is fresh and engaging, deep and genuine. Ben offers an insightful Christian perspective on many areas of life, including religion, politics, culture and history. Beyond the Fish Sticker is worth reading.

  2. Neil Cullan McKinlay, Author at Nordskog

    Like an expert underwater guide, Ben keeps his audience close to him as we dive into deep waters. We travel with him throughout, turning this way, then that, like a school of fish on some coral reef. His insights are rays of sunshine penetrating the surface-membrane, illuminating the deep and swirling currents of human thought beneath. He keeps our eyes trained on one fish, one fish only: ICHTHYS, Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour. As he says, ‘It’s time to stop chasing the wind and to start resting in Christ. Christ is … the narrow path to sanity.’ O, to be found fully clothed and in your right mind after plumbing the depths with Ben in Beyond the Fish Sticker.

  3. Julie-anne Laird, Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students.

    Beyond the Fish Sticker is a great reminder of what we believe and why. Ben is very widely read and it shows in the depth of understanding. He explains things clearly and simply. I really appreciated reading it. Superb! –

  4. Editor PresLife Magazine

    Review from PresLife Magazine
    Ben Swift who has been a contributor to PresLife has woven together a series of musings into a philosophical book called Beyond the Fish Sticker. I have read his book twice and found him to be a very knowledgable individual. There were many written illustrations to help explain his point of view.
    I appreciated how Ben mentioned various theologians and other famous people that the reader could relate to, to support his claims.
    In the introduction, a summary of each chapter is given.
    As I came to each chapter, I kept referring back to this, to remind me of what its purpose was.
    The first three chapters were my favourites, particularly chapter one as it clearly explained what it means to be human. This paragraph stood out to me from chapter one under the heading Not so random: ‘It is exclusively through our understanding of who we are in relation to who God is that we come to comprehend what it means to be human. We have been gifted with the capacity to reflect the very nature of our Creator’.
    I have been encouraged from reading this book to dig deeper into God’s Word to know Him better.

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