Between Tick and Tock


What the Bible says about how it all begins, how it all ends, and everything in between.

by: Michael P. Jensen

Publish date: 19/2/2020
Pages: 78
Publisher: Morning Star Publishing
Dimensions: 129 x 198 mm
ISBN: 9780647530689

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Who are we as human beings and what is our place on the planet? Why is the world so good, and yet so spoiled? How did it get the way it is, and what is going to happen to it?
Between Tick and Tock: What the Bible says about how it all begins, how it all ends, and everything in between tells the story of God’s extraordinary plan for the world – and for the human creatures who live in it.

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About the author

Rev. Dr Michael P. Jensen is rector of St Mark’s Anglican Church, Darling Point, in Sydney. He has a doctorate from Oxford University. Previously he taught theology for ten years at Moore Theological College, and currently teaches at the Australian College of Theology, the Sydney College of Divinity, and the Malaysian Bible Seminary. He is the author of several books including You: An Introduction and My God, My God: Is it Possible to Believe Anymore?, and writes a monthly column in Eternity newspaper. He also writes in the secular press, and has appeared on ABC’s The Drum and Q&A. Michael is married to Catherine and they have four children.

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  1. Michael Spence, Vice-Chancellor and Principal, The University of Sydney

    The doctrine of creation, so little understood or taught, is core to Christian teaching; core, in particular, to an understanding of who we are, of our work, and of our destinies. In this little book Michael Jensen unfolds that doctrine with his characteristic clarity, compassion and thoughtfulness. Anyone who reads it – with or without a faith – will be provoked to a deeper reflection on this world in which we find ourselves. –

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