Ancient and Modern


Anglican Essays on the Bible, the Church and the World

By :  Andrew B McGowan
Pages : 345
Publisher : Morning Star Publishing
Dimensions : 148mm x 210mm
ISBN : 9781925208153


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What can we learn from an ancient Church for a modern world?

Christianity in the western world is facing its most significant challenges since the early Christians confronted a hostile Roman Empire. Yet during that early period of struggle and uncertainty, the Church expanded rapidly and formed the most characteristic aspects of its ongoing identity. The canon of the scripture, the sacraments, and the Creeds all came to be in a Church yet to manifest the now familiar divisions between East and West, Catholic and Protestant.

The character of Anglicanism in particular has been shaped by attention to those early centuries. In these essays and sermons, Australian Anglican priest and scholar Andrew McGowan explores the most pressing challenges of the contemporary world and the Church, drawing on the resources of ancient Christianity. With biblical and patristic resources to hand, he demonstrates in fresh ways how ancient authors such as Augustine and Athanasius, and, of course, the Bible itself, speak to contemporary questions and needs.

The subjects range from the environment to restorative justice, and from racism to higher education; while the contemporary meaning and practice of ancient Christian Creeds and sacraments, and the Bible itself, are also explored.

This volume—which is mostly concerned with Anglican experience—is important for Australian Anglicans (and the Anglican Communion generally), and for Christians from other traditions—like myself—seeking better understanding of the Anglican expression of the Christian faith.
– Mario Baghos, St Marks Review

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