Syndicate uses recent publications in theological studies as a point of departure for addressing and engaging open questions in contemporary theology and ethics. It is not a book review journal. It is not a standard peer-review journal. It is not a “theology and culture” journal that seeks to make theology relevant to broad audiences. It is an online forum for scholars to comment on each other’s work and explore big ideas outside of the highly scripted spaces of contemporary academics. Furthermore, Syndicate is less focused on producing a specific form of content as it is in hosting a generative, discursive “space”. Its desired result is a mode of conversation or a form of dialogue that harnesses the power of social media in order to revive the original aim of theological publication, while at the same time drawing critical attention to important publications in theology. Syndicate also tries to get ahead of the vector toward which we believe all academic discourse is eventually headed, and perhaps even play a part in that evolution. Syndicate lives on the internet and marshals the power of social media platforms in order to share content and create space for “real time” engagements between authors, commenters, and readers.

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