Harry Goodhew, Archbishop, Godly Radical, Dynamic Anglican

When two or three gather together, there is politics. And the church world is no different. This ripping yarn about a kind, compassionate Christian man who was elected to high office in the Anglican Diocese of Sydney reveals the complexities of leading an institution fractured along deeply held theological lines. 

For Harry Goodhew, Archbishop of Sydney from 1993 to 2001, the way to make Jesus known is not complicated. ‘Just love people and preach the gospel’, he says. And this is what he has done most of his life. 

Harry was archbishop through some turbulent times in the life of national and global Anglicanism – the early conversations about gay priests, the ongoing debate about the ordination of women, the controversial topic of lay presidency. His inclusive, non-combative kindness helped hold the Anglican Communion together through some feisty debates. 

In retirement, Harry and Pam, his wife and best friend, served in the slums of Africa, learning from the poorest that ‘God is good. Every day.’ Harry also gave leadership in the dramatic change of culture in Evangelism Explosion, taking it from a good to a great organisation. 

This is a must read for anyone interested in the history and health of the Anglican Church in Australia and for any committed to the advancement of the Christian faith in the modern secular world. Understanding how Harry led gives us a practical guide to how to go and do likewise. It is also a book about being godly … no matter what! 

Reading like a thriller … the story of an outstanding Christian and Anglican archbishop set in the midst of a diocese known for its rumbustious politics … in a role that showed what it means to be a Christian wherever you are.

Bruce Kaye, General Secretary,  Anglican Church of Australia, 1994–2004