The indices

A notable feature of Catholic Worship Book II is the series of helpful indices:

  • Alphabetical Index of tunes
  • Metrical index of tunes
  • Composers, arrangers and musical sources
  • Authors, translators and sources of texts
  • Original first lines of hymns in other languages
  • Scripture related to hymns
  • Index of Psalm settings
  • Index of Service music
  • Liturgical Index – with sacraments and rites)
  • Recommended hymns for Sundays
  • Topical Index
  • Hymns suitable for children and youth
  • General hymns suitable for Entrance and Communion
  • Alphabetical Index of hymns by first lines

The Index ‘Recommended hymns for Sundays) offers a list of hymns (Entrance, Offertory, Communion, Recession al) related to the Scripture and other themes for each Sunday in the three year cycle.

Catholic Worship Book II contains both contemporary song as well as hymnody and chant in traditional styles that primarily serve the liturgy and the celebration of the rites. In addition, some new music has also been judiciously included, incorporating both modern songs and newly composed metrical texts and tunes.
Monsignor Peter Williams,
Chairman, National Liturgical Music Board

A comprehensive new worship resource for the Catholic Church in Australia
Why a new Catholic Worship Book?
A comprehensive resource for sacraments and seasons
A rich mosaic of the Catholic Church’s library of ancient and modern liturgical music…
‘… a musical resource that will provide a basic repertoire for liturgical music in Australia … that is theologically, liturgically and musically appropriate…’
The indices