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Wild West fiction with a spiritual edge

Ken Abell’s Deacon Coburn series is a ‘starkly real examination of spirituality and mysticism meeting at the crossroads of faith in the unknowable.’ For fans of Westerns and Cormac McCarthy, Abell is ‘a storyteller of rare foresight and scope.’
‘With a heart toward heaven and boots firmly grounded in the dust of the Old West, Coburn is a light of hope and redemption to troubled souls, even while haunted by his past.’

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New title Craft Brewed Jesus

Most popular Christian views of the Bible, church, sin, salvation, judgment, the kingdom of God, the “end times,” and the afterlife–pretty much all religious sacred cows–don’t align with the beliefs of the original Jesus movement. Some of them not even close. Craft Brewed Jesus paves a fascinating journey of a group of disillusioned evangelicals and Catholics. When they decide to meet regularly over craft beers to study the historic foundations of their faith, their findings both rock their world and resolve ancient mysteries.

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Live like you give a damn!

Live Like You Give a Damn! Declares the very good news that God is raising up a new generation, largely outside the church, to bring impressive change to the lives of our neighbors locally and globally by creating innovative forms of social enterprise and community empowerment. The even better news is that those of us within the church can join this changemaking celebration and discover creative new ways God can use our mustard seeds to make a more remarkable difference than we ever imagined possible.