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Catholic Worship Book II celebrates two years of providing music for liturgy in Australia

The Record this week has a long article marking two years of the Catholic Worship Book II.

In conjunction with the second anniversary of CWB II, The eRecord spoke with NLMB Board Member and St Mary’s Cathedral choir Director of Music Jacinta Jakovcevic to bring awareness about the importance of this resource provided to the parishes, and schools across the country.

Read the article here.

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A Genuinely Theological Church on Love, Rinse, Repeat

Liam Miller interviewed Geoff Thompson about his new book, A Genuinely Theological Church: Ministry, Theology, and the Uniting Church.

We dive into his robust and dynamic definition of theology (looking especially at the role of imagination in theology, and how theology is marked by puzzling proclamations, unexpected tangents and strangeness), we discuss the novel and particular nature of Christian confession, the post-Christendom church, the missional vocation of theology, and much, much more.

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