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Video: Norm Habel launch

Prof Mark Brett’s and Dr Norman Habel’s addresses to launch Dr Habel’s book which links indigenous rights with the ancient thinking and theology of the Prophet Abraham and his relationship with the Canaanite people. Recorded at the Fellowship for Biblical Studies National Conference held at the Australian Catholic University, North Sydney, on 26th September 2018.

More about the book here

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Gateway to Renewal

MSP recently published Dr John Collin’s book on the problems of clericalism and the understanding of Ministry which is often cited these days as being at the heart of the crisis in the Church.

Dr Claire Renkin (who heads the Department of Christian Thought and History at the Yarra Theological Union at the University of Divinity in Victoria) gave the address at the book launch and we link to it here as it provides a good overview of why this book is valuable and timely.

Click here to read the address.