Sound Matters

Sound matters. The New Testament’s first audiences were listeners, not readers. They heard its compositions read aloud and understood their messages as linear streams of sound. To understand the New Testament’s meaning in the way its earliest audiences did, we must hear its audible features and understand its words as spoken sounds. Sound Matters presents essays by ten scholars from five countries and three continents, who explore the New Testament through sound mapping, a technique invented by Margaret Lee and Bernard Scott for analyzing Greek texts as speech. Sound Matters demonstrates the value and uses of this technique as a prelude and aid to interpretation. The essays that make up this volume illustrate the wide range of interpretive possibilities that emerge when sound mapping restores the spoken sounds of the New Testament and revives its living voice.

Christian Ethics

Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – his good, pleasing and perfect will.
– Romans 12:2 (NIV)

What are your goals in life? What goals should you pursue in your life?

Every day you make decisions concerning moral issues. Moral evaluation implies that there is a standard of judgment. Christian ethics is the study of how we live a life that conforms to the will of God. When we look at life from a biblical perspective, our goals, actions, and standards should be the result of asking the question, “What is God calling me to do and be?”

Christian Ethics takes a fresh look at a multitude of ethical issues through the lens of God’s Word. This important new resource will help provide guidance into knowing God’s will for your life.

Contributors are (in alphabetical order):

Dr. Lee Camp, David Lipscomb University
Dr. Larry Chouinard, Kentucky Christian College
Dr. James Estep, Lincoln Christian Seminary
Dr. David Fiensy, Kentucky Christian College
Dr. Gary Hall, Lincoln Christian College
Dr. John Mark Hicks, David Lipscomb University
Dr. Ronald Highfield, Pepperdine University
Dr. Robert Hull, Lincoln Christian College
Dr. Leonard Knight, Kentucky Christian College
Dr. Mark Krause, Puget Sound Christian College
Dr. Gregory Linton, Great Lakes Christian College
Dr. Rick Marrs, Pepperdine University
Margaret McLaughlin, MSW, CSW, Kentucky CC
Dr. David Musick, University of Pennsylvania
Dr. George Pickens, Kentucky Christian College
Dr. Paul Prill. David Lipscomb University
Dr. Gregory Rutecki, Evanston Hospital
Gail Wise, RN, Kentucky Christian College

The Quest for the Fictional Jesus

For almost two millennia, Jesus’ story has been retold in various forms and fashions, but in the last century a new way of reimagining the man from Galilee and rewriting the canonical Gospels has sprung up in the form of Jesus novels. While the novels themselves are as varied as their authors, this work aims at introducing readers to some common literary strategies and theological agendas found in this rewriting phenomenon by surveying a few prominent examples. It also explores the question of what happens when we examine the intertextual play between these Gospel rewrites and their Gospel progenitors as we allow these contemporary novels to pose new questions to their ancient counterparts. An intriguing hermeneutical circle ensues as we embark on our quest for the fictional Jesus and accompany his incarnations as they lead us back to reexamine the canonical portraits of Jesus anew.

Text, Image, and Christians in the Graeco-Roman World

Twenty-four scholars join their efforts to congratulate David Lee Balch for a long career of dedication to scholarship and teaching. Topics range from the life of early Christian house churches to the kinds of challenges that early Christians needed to negotiate in their artistic and literary worlds as they established their own identity.

Edward Adams
Frederick E Brenk
Warren Carter
John R. Clarke
Everett Ferguson
John T. Fitzgerald
Richard A. Freund
Ronald F. Hock
Robin M. Jensen
Davina C. Lopez
Margaret Y. MacDonald
Abraham J. Malherbe
Aliou Cisse Niang
Peter Oakes
Todd Penner
Leo G. Perdue
Turid Karlsen Seim
Dennis E. Smith
Yancy W. Smith
Stephen V. Sprinkle
Hal Taussig
Oliver Larry Yarbrough