Even the best college cannot prepare their students for the full range of challenges a pastor is called upon to navigate in the course of their ministry. As we experience more of what it means to be a pastor, we need to keep honing our pastoral skill so that we do not become dull. Wise will help to raise the capacity of experienced ministers and ministry academics to make fitting (wise) pastoral decisions across any context. It is intended to be a primer or handbook introducing a decision-making process that is attentive to the various pastoral contexts we minister in and an expression of authentic Christianity.


Your Final Choice

Your Final Choice is not a how-to book, but a how-to-think-about book, on a controversial and emotional topic: hastening your death when terminally ill.

I have now read this book twice, each time at a single sitting! It provides an easily accessible framework for consideration of the issues around the end of life and language for expressing and justifying personal choices, whatever they may be. I wish all my patients had it and talked to their families about it.
– Dr Lindi Jeffree    Brisbane Neurosurgeon & Brain Cancer Specialist

This is a comprehensive review of choices to be considered when making decisions about ‘end-of-life’ matters before incompetence.  All sides of the many views, issues and difficulties are canvassed in a readable and non-judgemental manner. It is a critical guide to the making of hard yet necessary plans for a good and dignified death.
– Dr Ruth Webber   Sociologist and author

If, as is likely, physician assisted dying becomes legal, terminally ill patients will still have to make a choice to euthanase or not, based on their own preferences and circumstances. This book will help ensure the choice is informed. – Kenneth Davidson, DWDV Ambassador. Read the full review here: http://www.dwdv.org.au/resources/book-reviews


Kenneth Ralph runs a private counselling practice in Geelong, Victoria. He trained in philosophy at Otago (New Zealand), religion at Princeton (USA) and psychotherapy in Melbourne (Australia). He has conducted a variety of human relations programs in schools, businesses, churches, prisons and community organisations. His previous book Yes I Get Depressed was a No 1 best-seller in Geelong. Married to social worker wife Alison, they have two sons and four grandchildren.