On the Edge

Life on Earth ultimately depends on the oceans. ‘No blue, no green’ as world-renowned ocean scientist Sylvia Earle puts it.

Climate change is damaging this nursery of life, radically altering the capacity of the seas to sustain and renew life. How can we re-imagine our relationship with the wonder world of water? Is it possible to nurture our love of the sea in a new way that begins to transform our interaction with the oceans, moving us from exploitation toward cooperation?

More radically, can we risk reclaiming our inheritance, moving from our western story of ocean as ‘object’ to ocean as communicative, sacred presence? Can we hear what Indigenous peoples are offering to teach? Reflecting on their experiences in the coastal New South Wales town of Tathra, Graeme Garrett and Jan Morgan invite the reader into the heart of a journey of engagement with philosophers (especially phenomenologists), poets, theologians, and scientists.

On the Edge: A-Way with the Ocean is an invitation to listen to the cry of Earth, and to return to the threshold of wonder.

Earth’s cry

For Christians, a strange dislocation often seems to exist between the ecological crisis and a heritage that includes a Creator God. This book turns to the prophetic tradition – a tradition generated in the dislocation of crises in the past ΓÇô and draws this tradition into engagement with the ecological humanities and with ministry studies. The author discovers root memories that hold. Here is a wisdom that could unleash our passion and energy by challenging us to attend to Earths cry; to own the misuse of our power in silencing Earths cry; to learn that grief is radical criticism and to imagine daring alternatives.