Julian and the Buddha

What on earth do Julian of Norwich and the Buddha have in common? Julian and the Buddha: Common points along the way answers that question. Written by a Zen Buddhist brought up in the Christian tradition, it is the first publication that compares what these two religious figures had to say about the essentials of leading a good life. The remarkable fact is that, despite their different religions and eras, both of them identified ten common keys to full realisation of the Ultimate, and to awaken to life in a fruitful and rewarding way. These ten keys can completely transform our lives if we let them. The reader is guided through each of these keys so that they can come to understand how and why mysticism can be made real in our everyday lives. Using Julian of Norwich and Gautama Buddha as role models, Joanne P. Miller examines how one man and one woman interacted with the Ultimate, and produced practical and authentic outcomes. It presents a new, comparative perspective on the timeless search for and discovery of Truth. While Buddhists and Christians might be on different sections of the highway at times, there are a number of parallel themes and processes that Julian and the Buddha emphasised, which touch a chord in our hearts. In our differences and from our own homes, so to speak, we can appreciate each other as we seek to become true to our chosen paths and to ourselves.

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A Genuinely Theological Church on Love, Rinse, Repeat

Liam Miller interviewed Geoff Thompson about his new book, A Genuinely Theological Church: Ministry, Theology, and the Uniting Church.

We dive into his robust and dynamic definition of theology (looking especially at the role of imagination in theology, and how theology is marked by puzzling proclamations, unexpected tangents and strangeness), we discuss the novel and particular nature of Christian confession, the post-Christendom church, the missional vocation of theology, and much, much more.

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Here am I; Send me!

Here am I; Send me! provides a touchstone for contemporary and relevant evangelism.

Set within a devotional framework, Ian Miller shows clearly and powerfully how the message of salvation can be presented in everyday circumstances.

For evangelists and non-evangelists alike, this book provides a resource that will change the spiritual climate of all who put it into practice.

Rediscovering the Supernatural

Rediscovering the Supernatural is essential reading for everyone involved in Spirit-filled ministry in the twenty-first century.

Pastor Ian Miller writes with honesty, insight and passion about the transformation of individuals and congregations that occurs when we open ourselves to the leading of God’s Spirit. Set within the story of his congregation’s experience of ministry, the author explores what is possible when we trust the Holy Spirit in this powerful book which is destined to become a classic of contemporary ministry.