Wisdom and Imagination

Many of the chapters in this collection of Australian and New Zealand religious Progressives were first presented as contributions to the internationally acclaimed Common Dreams Conference of Religious Progressives in Australia and New Zealand. The topics cover diverse subjects including: prayer, liturgy, Bible, eco-theology, the influence of J. A. T. Robinsons book, Honest to God, as well as progressive theological thought in Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Authors include Val Webb, Lloyd Geering, Lorraine Parkinson, Aviva Kipen, John W. Smith, Noel Preston, Glynn Cardy, Jenny Te Paa Daniel, Rex Hunt, Sherene Hassan, Greg Jenks, Nigel Leaves, and Heather Carter. David Felten (USA) provides a Foreword and Bruce Sanguin (Canada) contributes an Afterword.

Jesus then and Jesus now

This book is written from an intentionally progressive Christian perspective. It draws together multiple strands from the authors personal and professional life: critical biblical scholarship, field archaeology, parish ministry, seminary teaching and personal religious practice. It presents a profile of what Jesus may have been like within the context of Second Temple Judaism as well as certain aspects of the Jesus tradition within the earliest Christian writings. Significantly, it also explores some of the more controversial aspects of Christianity in the contemporary world and presents some reflections on the individual and public implications of Christian discipleship today.