Why on Earth do you still wonder about God?


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“During the course of my life I have wondered about the many portrayals of God I have encountered—everything from my childhood memories to my experiences with nature, from a doctrinal deity to an ecological spider. As I reflect on my experiences of this elusive reality, I wonder and wonder again. And I am still dancing with my doubts. Wonder for me, however, is more than simply ‘wondering about’ a subject. For me, wonder reflects a deep impulse within, an urge to discern the hidden mystery, the unknown, the amazing, the awesome. When I wonder, the spirit deep within me stirs me to dance with my doubts—and discover the innate forces at work in the world.”- Norm Habel from the Preface

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Norman Habel is a Professorial Fellow at Flinders University. He has a Wendish Lutheran background and has long been exploring the boundaries of his faith in the context of the Lutheran Church. These boundaries relate to interpretation of the Bible, the spirituality of Aboriginal peoples, the mystery of ecology and the Book of Nature. He has published studies in all of these areas.

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  1. Bob Kempe, Emeritus lecturer in pastoral theology, Australian Lutheran College, Adelaide

    I once read about a little girl who at the age of six opted out of Sunday School because, as she told her teacher, ‘your God is too small for me.’ The heart and spirit of that young girl are well and truly alive in Norm Habel’s latest book, Why on Earth do you still wonder about God? It may even be that, for some, his dancing with doubt results in a God who is too big. But, regardless of how anyone may view God, Norm’s writing invites his readers to engage with him in a challenging and amazing exploration of the vital reality of ‘god’.

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