The Prophet-King


Moses Traditions and the Johannine Christology

By:Wayne Meeks
Publisher:Wipf and Stock
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Among modern analyses of the origin and development of John’s Christology, the socio-religious analysis of Wayne A. Meeks advances one of the most compelling and suggestive theses in recent years, addressing the riddles pertaining to the puzzling presentation of Jesus as a prophet-king like Moses in John 6:14-15. Whereas the Logos motif of the Johannine Prologue and the Father-Son relationship in the Johannine narrative convey high-christological thrusts, his receptions as a rabbi, teacher, and prophet elsewhere in John’s story of Jesus are far more mundane and earth bound. Was the origin and development of John’s presentation of Jesus here political, historical, theological, sociological, or some combination of the like? These are the issues Wayne Meeks addresses in his first of several important monographs, and his work continues to impact New Testament studies to this day.
–From the Foreword by Paul N. Anderson

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Dimensions 229 x 152 mm



Wayne Meeks


Wipf and Stock


152mm x 229mm