The Joseph Dialogues


A Novel

By:Alan Sorem
Publisher:Resource Publications
Dimensions:140mm x 216mm

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Joseph of Nazareth, often “the forgotten man” in early Christian history, comes to life in the compelling historical novel, The Joseph Dialogues.

At a time when Caesar Augustus has a firm grip on the Roman Empire, Alexios, a prominent tree farmer in a southern Syria Province, befriends Joseph, a young carpenter from Galilee.

For forty years their friendship deepens and the purchase of lumber becomes secondary to their far-reaching dialogues about family, faith, and politics. Alexios, a widower at an early age, listens to news of Joseph’s puzzling delayed marriage to Mary and the subsequent births of their children. Joseph in turn is a strong support to Alexios in times of grief.

The Joseph Dialogues is the third novel in The Holy Family trilogy. Though it is fiction, the novel will give all readers a new appreciation of Joseph as a profoundly spiritual man who had a marked influence on his son, Jesus, in a turbulent time.

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Dimensions 216 x 140 mm



Alan Sorem


Resource Publications


140mm x 216mm