Saints and Seasons


Reflections on the Spirituality of the Church’s Year

By:Peter Varengo
Pages: 192
Publisher:Morning Star Publishing
Dimensions:148mm x 210mm
ISBN: 9780987619372

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In a world of communication overload, if an announcement is to become life-giving and growth producing, we need to make a deliberate choice to ‘listen’, shifting our focus from hearing words to discerning the message behind them.

This is the technique underlying the Word of God and exemplified by the parables. By tapping into the life experience of his contemporaries, Jesus drew the attention of his hearers to hearing the words and then to listening to the message. Whether in a desert place, out on the sea, on top of a mountain, fishing on a lake, in temple precincts or sitting by a well in Samaria, Jesus proclaims and reveals the active presence of God at work where people are, in the ordinary unfolding of our ordinary lives; and the location, often unexpected and unwelcomed, gives a heightened strength to the message proclaimed.  God is active and present in the ordinary, and God must be found in the ordinary. That is the key assumption underlying these reflections on Saints and Seasons.

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Dimensions 210 x 148 mm



148mm x 210mm


Peter Varengo




Morning Star Publishing

About the author

Peter Price gained his Phd in History at Monash University in 2010 where his thesis considered English responses to the First Vatican Council.  He has been a senior lecturer in Church History at Yarra Theological Union and is an adjunct Senior Research Fellow with Monash University in Melbourne.  Peter is married to Judy, with three adult family members and five grandchildren.