Rediscovering the Supernatural


By: Ian Miller

Publish date: 19/8/2017
Pages: 148
Publisher: Morning Star Publishing
Dimensions: 133mm x 203mm
ISBN: 9780648118695

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Rediscovering the Supernatural is essential reading for everyone involved in Spirit-filled ministry in the twenty-first century.

Pastor Ian Miller writes with honesty, insight and passion about the transformation of individuals and congregations that occurs when we open ourselves to the leading of God’s Spirit. Set within the story of his congregation’s experience of ministry, the author explores what is possible when we trust the Holy Spirit in this powerful book which is destined to become a classic of contemporary ministry.

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About the author

Ian Miller is the senior pastor of Community Church Hornsby, a Pentecostal church in Sydney’s northern suburbs.

He is on the National Executive of the Australian CRC Churches International. With a background in Science, Education and Theology, Ian travels extensively, assisting churches to engage more fully with the ministry of the Holy Spirit. He has a passion for the Gospel and to see churches awaken to their full potential in bringing revival to their communities.

4 reviews for Rediscovering the Supernatural

  1. Chris Overstreet, Outreach Pastor at Bethel Church, Redding CA

    Rediscovering the Supernatural will inspire every believer to never settle for anything less than what they have been created for. … This book will inspire you to learn, do and teach others to rediscover the supernatural power of God.

  2. Bill Vasilakis, National Chairman, CRC Churches International

    Ian displays a freedom and boldness in Christ that is refreshing, powerful and faith stimulating. . . . You will be challenged and empowered by his personal story, and by the practical principles and insights he shares.

  3. Rebekah Milne, Revival Culture Global Ministries

    Profoundly uncomplicated, inviting and enlightening. You will see yourself in these pages!

  4. teela.mah

    Ian Miller’s “Rediscovering The Supernatural” is a reminder that Gifts of the Spirit are not for choosing to dabble in one or the other but an all encompassing lifestyle, orientation & culture of Kingdom that brings heaven to earth. I’m reinspired & refreshed again in running our race!
    Teela Mah
    NSW/ACT Director Mukti Australia

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