Praying in the Spirit of Christ


52 Devotions for Today

By:Paul W. Chilcote
Publisher:Cascade Books
Dimensions:152mm x 229mm

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Praying in the Spirit of Christ offers contemporary readers a compelling and holistic vision of what life in Christ can mean for them. It draws from the broad array of spiritual and theological literature that John Wesley considered most significant for growth in Christian discipleship. In this volume, author Paul Chilcote utilizes the same method or approach of his earlier devotional work, Praying in the Wesleyan Spirit. He has transposed brief excerpts from Wesley’s fifty-volume Christian Library into fluid prayers that are written in contemporary language, yet faithful to the spiritual insights of the classical sources. A hymn by Charles Wesley accompanies each prayer, and a passage of Scripture frames the topic for each devotional reading. The prayers help readers ponder themes like the desire of the heart, liberty in Christ, thirst for God, resurrection joy, and unbounded love. These devotions engage head and heart and seek to shape the lives of those who pray in the spirit of Christ.

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Dimensions 229 x 152 mm



Paul W. Chilcote


Cascade Books


152mm x 229mm