Managing Your Head and Body so You Can Become a Good Musician


The Psychology of Musical Competence: A Student Musician’s Field-Guide to Performance and Freedom from Performance Anxiety

By:Richard H., MD, PhD Cox
Publisher:Resource Publications
Dimensions:216mm x 178mm

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“As a husband, parent, teacher, and performer I found many expressions of all the aspects of our musical art, as well as so many connections to the entire world of our musical art, as well as so many connections to the entire world of our existence, in Dr. Cox’s book. I found these expressions to be very consistent with the approach that I myself, as well as so many of my world-class colleagues, have found to be our life stories. Thank you.”
–Adolf S. Herseth
Principal Trumpet Emeritus
Chicago Symphony Orchestra

“Managing Your Head and Body So You Can Become a Good Musician tackles one of the fundamental dimensions of successful musical performance. Aspiring musicians need to know that mastering their instrument is only one element of their preparation for musical success. This book will help them begin to address the physical and psychological issues of performance so they can get to the heart of the issue–how to truly communicate with an audience.”
–Jacqueline Helin
Steinway and Sons Artist

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Dimensions 178 x 216 mm



Richard H., MD, PhD Cox


Resource Publications


216mm x 178mm