Maine Metaphor


Experience in the Western Mountains

By:S. Dorman
Publisher:Resource Publications
Dimensions:152mm x 229mm

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S. Dorman began Maine Metaphor with The Green and Blue House. She continued her explorations in the Western Mountains of Maine, studying Maine’s characteristic ways and natural realm, possessing the experience, studies, and journaling of rural life and creation. And she wanted to learn about the character of the people who sometimes must live a hardscrabble life. Her quest began thirty some years ago merely in living the life on moving to Maine with her family. This state of New England, once a District of Massachusetts, greatly appealed to her for its peculiar beauty and quiet, but also for its hard-working ethic. Maine flows with metaphors helpful in understanding our right relation to creation and its Maker. Maine’s people, landscape, history, geology, weather, and writers tell of this reciprocity of life.

Her spouse Allen supported the family, as you’ll see in the book. Not, as she says, in order that she might write, but that she might eat! After their brief familial confrontation with homelessness on moving to Maine, Allen struggled to earn a living, but now is retired, with a fixed income; yet work here is seasonal and difficult still for others making a living in the Western Mountains of Maine. Walk these back roads with her, meet some back roads folk, climb these high wooded hills and low stone mountains. Consider and dream over the telling, and come back to yourself from Maine, refreshed.

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Dimensions 229 × 152 mm



S. Dorman


Resource Publications


152mm x 229mm